Inboden’s Meats Ltd. is your premiere specialty meat butcher, baker, fresh greens, and gourmet retail store located in DeKalb, Illinois. People from all areas of Illinois come to Inboden’s to enjoy our fresh cuts of meat, breads and pastries baked daily, fresh hand picked produce, and friendly atmosphere. Inboden’s has been serving the public since 1962.

A family-owned business, Inboden’s has the appeal of a small town classic meat and grocery market. Inboden’s sells only the finest USDA Top Choice & USDA Prime Meats (the top 10% of the graded harvest). All of our meats are naturally aged to provide tenderness and rich flavor. We use no chemical tenderizers or flavoring.

We also SHIP our meats across the country! Please inquire at 815-756-5852 or email us for any information you may need about this service.

NEW! Taste Chicago

We have a new display of local breweries including Goose Island, Revolution Brewing, Finch’s Brewing Co, Two Brothers, 5 Rabbit, Off Color Brewing, and more! Craft beers ranging from IPAs to Lagers to Porters and beyond. Stop in and “Taste Chicago”!

We also have in a new selection of new ciders and wines, along with our continuing
“Wine of the Month” promotion. We invite you to come in every Friday from 1 pm to
6 pm for a beer tasting, and every Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm for our wine tasting!
We have different brews and vintages every week, so don’t be afraid to come in
every few weeks or even every week to try something new and different!

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