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The Inboden’s beer and wine room is dedicated to finding the best products to fill the small space we occupy. With this mission in mind, we work hard to ensure a concise, exclusive and constantly rotating selection in order to keep your palate not only satisfied, but also experimenting.


We have a great opportunity for you to learn about different wines from all around the world! We have selected several delicious varieties, from 7 different countries, and combined them into one case. Each case comes with sampling notes, descriptions of all of the bottles, details about each winery, the history and region.

Each case would normally cost over $250, but we are pleased to offer them for $199!

The “Around the World” cases would make a great gift, and would also be a great hit at any New Years’ party or family gathering.

Come on into the wine department and talk to our wine steward, or call us at 815-756-5852 to check availability.


These are great opportunities to try something new and find a new favorite!
If you have any questions or looking for a special wine, please feel free to call the store 815-756-5852 and ask to speak with our wine steward. We will do whatever we can to help you!