Bombers Beer from the Bruery

Inbodens is proud to present 10 flavors of Bombers beer from The Bruery!

The Bruery has been in the brewing business since 2008 as a family founded and run brewery. When creating a new flavor, they’ve been inspired by many different breweries and beers, including some from Belgium and all around the world and United States. They strive to create flavors that are distinctive and imaginative, and almost half of their beers are aged in wine or spirit oak barrels to bring forth flavors that are reminiscent of American distillers and the Belgium countryside.

Sweet potato pie, Thai food, the intense aroma of freshly picked lavender, among many others, are their primary influences and every year they are adding new flavors and ingredients to their brews. They aim to create complex flavors from simple ingredients, and they are completely committed to producing beer in the most wholesome of ways.

Below, you’ll find 10 Bombers flavors, along with a small key and description for each.

Fourthmeal – Hoppy Belgian Style Ale – Collaboration series | Guivre – 100% Ale 2015 Anniversary | Jardinier – Belgian Style Pale Ale

Mash – Barley Wine Style Ale | Mischief – Belgian style ale | Oude Tart – Flemish Style Red Ale

Tart of Darkness – sour stout | Terreux Rueuze – sour Blonde Ale | Terreux Sour In The Rye – Sour Rye Ale

Terreux Tonnellerie – Barrel Fermented Saison Ale

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