Fine WIne Auction

RUles & REgulations

This will be an on-going auction-style wine sale. There will be up to 15 varieties of wine up for auction for a period of 1 week. After that week, a new set of wines will be up for bidding for a one-week period. All wines will be sold as single bottles. Bidders may state their desired number of bottles from that lot. If a bidder wishes to purchase an entire lot that is greater than 5 bottles they will receive a 5% discount off of their winning bid (only when purchasing an entire lot of more than 5 bottles). The bidding list of current wines and their starting bids will be available on our website, or in the Beer and Wine room in the store. Bids may be placed either by email or in person.

To place a bid by email – Email your bid to and put “Wine Sale” in the subject line. The body of your message must contain your name, phone number, email address, the name of the wine you are bidding on, and your offer. Only bids containing all of the information will be accepted. You will receive a no-response confirmation email verifying that your bid has been submitted.
To place a bid in person – Come visit the Beer & Wine room during regular business hours (10am 7pm, Mon-Sat.) where you will find the current list of auction wines, and a bid form. All forms must be filled out completely to be accepted and placed in the auction box.

By entering a bid through either method you will be confirming that you are 21 years of age or older.

Bidding will open at 12:00am on Mondays and close at 11:59pm the following Sunday. The bidding lists will be updated daily over the course of the week so that bidders may see the current highest offers. These updates will be posted by 10am the following day, Tuesday through Saturday throughout the auction period. The bidder with the highest offer at the end of the bidding period will be contacted via email on the Tuesday after the bidding closes. The winner will have 14 days to pick up their bottles and must present their confirmation email and a valid ID otherwise bottles will be placed back in the auction circulation. Wines will not be sold for less than their opening bid. Pick up and purchasing of the wines must take place in the store. We will not be able to ship wines or accept payment over the phone.

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