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Here at Inboden’s Meat Market, we get a lot of specific questions about our products, and not all of them can be answered in our FAQs. And although we do not accept orders from this contact portal, feel free to use it for questions or comments. If we feel your comment would be better answered by phone, we will provide you a specific contact number and the name of the employee who will best be able to best help you. Thanks and we look forward to hearing you!

If you have any questions you may fill out our contact form below. Please note that this contact form is not for placing an order. Due to the detailed nature of our business and the diagnostic requirements of some requests, it is more expedient to call us at (815) 756-5852 with any questions or orders.

Phone: (815) 756 – 5852 || Fax: (815) 756 – 6677 || E-mail:

Monday through Saturday – 8 A.M. to 7 P.M. || Sunday – CLOSED
CLOSED on major holidays

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