Ho-Ka Turkeys

We are now taking your orders for FRESH, not frozen, Ho-Ka turkeys for Thanksgiving!

The Ho-Ka Turkey is grown on the Kauffman Family Farm in DeKalb County, where the one day old poults are brooded in one of the temperature controlled starting sheds. They are soon changed to open, sky sheds to prepare the birds for their move to open ranges when they are five weeks old. When harvest time comes, they are herded to the plant on foot. This eliminates the stress on the bird that can be created when a bird is hauled for hours on a large truck. The rest is better quality meat.

The birds are grown on a low energy feed which causes them to take a bit longer to mature but gives more flavorful meat. The major feed ingredient, corn, is grown on the Kauffman farm. The birds are never fed hormones or antibiotics for growth promotion.

Probably the most important factor that insures high quality is the tender loving care these birds get during the time they are on the farm. The same people handle these birds from day one, throughout the process. This fact encourages them to do the very to bring you a bird that can sell with pride. These birds do not have to be injected or basted. They are plump, tender juicy and naturally well finished.

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