Honey Hams Are Here

Holiday Honey Hams Are Here!


Just in time for the holidays, Inboden’s honey hams make a return to our store and are ready to order!

Our Honey Ham is an old fashion style dry cured ham. Over 99% of the hams that are in the marketplace are hams that have had the brining solution pumped into them before the smoking process. The brining solution consists of curing salts and water; many hams contain as much as 35% water. A dry cured ham has the curing salts rubbed into the ham without any water, and is either barreled or placed on racks in a cooler. The hams are turned and re-salted or lifted from the barrel and re-salted, then placed back into the barrel with the ones on the top being placed into the bottom and the bottom hams on the top.

This process is repeated for 10 to 14 days. This method allows the ham to naturally absorb the curing salts. The remaining salt is then washed off prior to the hams going to the smokehouse, where the hams are wood smoked. This is the same method that has been used for hundreds of years, thus resulting in a rich old fashion taste with no added weight accumulation from any water. The hams are then spiral sliced around the bone and baked with a honey and spice glaze.

The other excellent ham we carry is our bone-in traditional ham. This ham has been injected with the curing solution (brine) and then hickory smoked. This ham is considered a natural juice ham and contains less than 3% add water, just enough to expedite the curing and smoking process. This is an excellent ham. The proof is in the hams, the consumer receives a ham that will shrink less and have a more intensive flavor.

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