Barb City Roasters

Inbodens is proud to present our own custom coffee roasts from local producer Barb City Roasters!

Our friend Jack Cress over at Barb City Roasters has created exclusive and custom roasts that you will only be able to find here at Inbodens. Mr. Cress roasts his coffee just a few miles down the road in Cortland, IL, and has created several new blends that will only be available here at Inboden’s.

Mr. Cress created three unique Java Jack blends of specialty coffee to be sold exclusively at Inbodens, at $16.99 per 16 oz (1 lb) bag:

  • Wake-Up, a smooth full-bodied blend of Indonesian Java and Ethiopian coffees
  • Wired, a 100% Costa Rican coffee with 3 different roasting profiles of the same bean with a sweet aroma and smooth finish
  • DeKalb Blend, a mix of Sumatran, Costa Rican, Guatemalan and Ethiopian coffees

“It’s a great coffee, and you can tell that Jack is passionate about the coffee he makes,” said Dusty Inboden, manager at Inboden’s. “I went to see his roasting process and a cupping, and I was thoroughly impressed with the product. Not only is it local, it’s also unique and high-quality. People have been really excited about it in the store, and it has had a very good response. We will continue to feature it in our coffee section.”

If you love coffee like we do, you won’t find fresher, more delicious coffee than these. Check back for sampling dates!