Gift Boxes

Inboden’s Meats make the perfect gift for a variety of occasions (corporate, birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, thank yous). We have several gift packages from which to choose. All freezer packages are hung on the rail open air. Naturally aged for tenderness. Cut and double wrapped to your specifications and flash frozen. Local, high-quality beef the old fashion way.

Our prime grade beef steak boxes are hand selected and individually hand cut and trimmed. Our beef is aged at our facility to ensure exacting tenderness. Our beef is locally produced to meet our exacting standards, thus ensuring the recipient a juicy, tender and flavorful steak. Each steak is individually vacuum-packed, flash frozen and placed in an attractive glossy black gift box.

Our pork is selected from Duroc and Berkshire breeds, pork that is produced for a great eating experience. Our pork is sourced locally and DeKalb County is always in the top producing hog counties in Illinois.

Poultry gift boxes are hand crafted with our homemade stuffing. Specialty combination boxes can be produced and specially created, although we ask for some lead time for these requests.

We also SHIP our meats across the country! Please inquire at 815-756-5852 or email us for any information you may need about this service.

Fabulous Filet Mignon
Box of four (8 oz.) Filet Mignon – $75.99

Gourmet Delight
Box of four (12 oz.) New York Strip Steaks – $73.99

Fine Dining
Box of six (10 oz.) Top Sirloin Butt Steaks – $59.99

Bacon-Wrapped Filet Mignon pcs. Gift Box
Box of four (10 oz.) Bacon-Wrapped Filet Mignon Pieces – $59.95

Savory-Sirloin Gift Box
Two, “Award-Winning”, Marinated Savory-Sirloin Beef Roasts
(Between 4-7 Lbs catch weight) – $14.99/lb

Cattleman’s Choice Ribeye
Four 12 oz. boneless Ribeye steaks – $74.99

Bacon Wrap Sirloin Strip Steak
Box of four (11 oz.) Center Cut Bacon-Wrapped Top Butt – $44.95

Spencer Cut Bone-In Ribeye
Box of Four (20 oz.) Bone-In Ribeyes – $99.99

Surf & Turf
Box of Two (7 oz.) Lobster Tails and Two (5 oz.) Filet Mignon – $74.99

Lamb Chop Gift Box
Box of Eight (6 oz.) Lamb loin chops – $54.99

Variety Box

  • Two filet mignon
  • Two (12-oz.) boneless ribeyes
  • Two (12-oz.) New York strip steaks
  • Two (10-oz.) top sirloin butt steaks


Pork Chop Box
Box of Ten (8oz.) Center-Cut Bone-In Pork Chops – $33.99

America’s Cut Pork Chops Gift Box
Eight (8 oz.) Boneless Center-Cut Pork Chops 1.5” Thick – $33.99

Baked Honey Ham
Old fashioned dry-cured ham spiral sliced around the bone and baked with a honey and spice glaze.
Great hot or cold. Hams are packaged and individually wrapped in a gift box with complete instructions.

Florentine Chicken Gift Box
Four (12 oz.) Stuffed Chicken Breast with Four Italian Cheeses,
Breadcrumbs, Herbs, and Spinach – $32.99


Gourmet Beef Burger Box

  • 2 Bacon Cheese burgers
  • 2 Black ‘n’ Blue burgers
  • 2 Santa Fe burgers
  • 2 Dill Pickle burgers


Home-Style Stuffed Pork Chop Gift Box
Box of Four (20oz.) Stuffed Pork Chops with a Traditional Sage & Bread Dressing – $33.99

Marinated Pork-K-Bobs Box
Ten (8oz.) Marinated Pork Kabobs in a Mediterranean Marinade – $33.99

Wild-Rice Stuffed Chicken Box
Four (12oz.) Stuffed Chicken Breast with a Wild Rice, Sage & Bread Dressing – $32.99

Steak & Bake Box
2 12oz New York Strip Steaks & Loaded Twice Baked Potatoes – $49.99

* Custom Gift Boxes available upon request. [Restrictions may apply]

* Please Allow 24 Hours Notice when placing orders on all Gift Boxes.

Inboden’s Guarantee: Prices subject to change with market conditions. Inboden’s sells only the finest, locally produced, USDA Top Choice and Prime Grade meats flash-frozen to your family’s specifications. If you are not completely satisfied with any product, Inboden’s will replace your purchase item for item.